Share the Love & Get Rewarded!

With the TAVCO Equipment Referral Program

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As a thank you for connecting family, friends, and colleagues with TAVCO, we are happy to reward you for sending business to us.

The program is simple. For every qualified lead that results in a new equipment customer, you can be rewarded with a "finder's fee."

Rewards vary depending on the equipment type. Please contact us if you have questions about reward amounts. 

There is no limit to the number of referrals you may submit or awards you can earn!

To get started, submit a new customer referral now! 

(oh - and don't forget to check out the fine print below...)


Definition of a customer: A company or individual who purchases a new Océ, Canon, or Contex wide-format system.

Criteria and Process Requirments:

  • Referred leads must be for new business only (EX: a second contact at a company that a TAVCO rep is working on is not eligible)
  • Leads must be submitted through proper channels to qualify
  • Leads must close within 6 months after the date submitted to qualify
  • Awards will be issued after new customer has paid in full or enrolls in a term lease

Lead Verification & Award Criteria

Lead Verification: Once a referral is submitted, the lead is verified and confirmed by TAVCO. The referrer will be informed via email if the referral is in fact a new lead, or if this lead is a duplicate of an existing lead. At the time of the referral submission, we request a completed W-9 for so we can pre-process this information and be ready to proceed if the lead becomes a customer.

Award: TAVCO will award the predetermined amount to the person who submitted a qualified lead and accurate W-9 that resulted in a new equipment sale. This award will be issued after the closed equipment is paid in full or is enrolled in a term lease. This award is paid via check to the payee on the completed W-9 form.

Important Notes:

TAVCO Services, Inc. reserves the right in the sole discretion to alter, amend, modify, change, or discontinue any terms described herein without prior notice. TAVCO retains sole discretion and authority to interpret all aspects of the referral program including, but not limited to, criteria, eligibility, amount, and/or frequency of payments and whether such payments will be made based on a quality metric.

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