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KIP 7100 Printer vs. Océ PlotWave 340/360 Wide-Format Plotter

Oce PlotWave 340

As AEC workflow becomes more and more digitized, more demand is created for end-users to print their own bid sets. Most sub-contractor situations do not call for continuous, non-stop printing, they do need a way to quickly have access to their drawings.

CAD Plotter Comparison - Océ PlotWave 300 vs. Kip 700

Kip 700 CAD plotterHere's a chance to take a look at two of today's popular low volume CAD plotters - the Kip 700 and the Océ PlotWave 300.

See thew CAD plotter comparison of these two units. We've broken the details down for you.

Top 7 Downloads and Links for Large Format Digital Printers

top 7 links for large format digital printers

There is no doubt that the TAVCO website has become a literal vault of knowledge regarding large format digital printers and related equipment. We have worked very hard to provide you with compelling and helpful content.

Compare large format printers - HP T2300 MFP vs Oce ColorWave 300

Oce ColorWave 300
Take a look at two of today's popular wide format solutions - the HP T2300 MFP and the Océ ColorWave 300.

Both units have their own claims, but how do they really stack up? We've broken down the details so you can compare the large format printers:

15 Reasons not to buy a HP T2300 printer plotter scanner

HP T2300 eMFP

On the surface, the HP T2300 eMFP seems like a slam dunk when considering a new printer, plotter, and scanner. But, wait! Look past the initial impression and you’ll discover that the T2300 has some significant flaws—ones that could be detrimental to the operation of your business.

6 Reasons why HP T2300 MFP is not the best wide format choice

Canon MFP vs HP T2300 MFP

The HP T2300 eMultifunction Printer was released in September 2010 as a compact, large format, printing and scanning solution. Essentially, it is a HP T1120 plotter with an internal scanner. Besides the ability to print, copy, and scan, one of HP’s biggest selling points of this system is its ability to work in the “cloud” with HP ePrint and Share. In other words, you can print and scan files using HP’s web based submission application.

Compare wide format printers – Canon plotters vs HP plotters

compare wide format printers arm wrestle source hectorir

When it comes to researching technology, in Google We Trust! So, in an effort to save you a chunk of time, we are providing comparison chart that shows how Canon and HP plotters stack up against one another. This will give you an easy way to compare wide format printers. You’ll see that this chart focuses on the Canon iPF750 and iPF755 and the comparable HP plotters. We cover some highlights at the end.

Seiko Teriostar LP2050 vs Oce PlotWave 300

Seiko wf printer plotterAs you may know, the battle of the wide-format plotters wages on strong. Seiko has just released their latest version of their Teriostar plotter, the LP2050. We've done a side-by-side comparison of the Seiko against the Océ PlotWave 300. Take a look:

DescriptionSeiko TerioStar LP-2050Océ Plotwave 300Advantage
Productivity 10 D's per minute 4 D's per minute The Seiko is perhaps one of the fastest single-footprint, wide-format printers on the market.
Warm-up time 3 minutes from cold sleep none With the patented Océ Radiant Fusion Technology, there is no warm-up time as the machine is "instant on"
Media handling Up to 4 rolls, up to 500' media rolls 1 or 2 rolls, 500' or 650' media rolls The Seiko has a larger paper capacity.
Media loading Automatic roll feed and width detection Automatic roll feeding and digital width detection No difference.
Print Quality 600 x 600 dpi 600 x 1200 dpi Océ Plotwave 300 has a better print resolution and provides sharper line details smoother grayscales.
Scanning Resolution 600 dpi 600 dpi No difference.
Direct Print from/ Scan to USB No Yes Océ Plotwave 300 provides the flexibility for a walk-up user to print or scan via a USB flash drive
User Interface Color, touch-screen interface Océ scroll and click interface The LP2050 includes an intuitive and visually pleasing interface panel.
Standard Output Delivery Rear exit stacker (capacity of up to 20 D-size prints) Top Receiving Tray with air separation system (capacity of up to 50 E-size prints) Oce Plotwave 300 neatly stacks prints on top of the printer. With Oce air separation, mixed sizes will not get hung up.
Color Scan to File standard standard No difference.
Operational Footprint 47" x 25" (9 square feet)* 67" x 58" (27 square feet)

According to the specs, the LP205 has a smaller footprint, but this does not account for space needed to open the rolls drawers. So, it is not a TRUE operational foot print.

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