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Unique specs for the Océ TDS750 – best plotter for mid-volume

Oce TDS 750 best plotter for mid volume

The nature of wide-format printing for architecture and construction has definitely changed over the past few years. The gradual migration towards color plans has dethroned the traditional black and white format as the norm. As a result, reprographic shops across the country have seen dramatic reductions in their black and white print volumes. But, that doesn’t mean that black and white printing is dead, not by a long shot. Some companies have simply elected to use newer technology to move that process in house. When considering systems, one outstanding candidate is the Océ TDS750. See some of the key unique features of this system.

What are the benefits of leasing a printer over owning - wide format

benefits of leasing printer over owning

There is no doubt about it, the business world is running tight right now. Companies are looking at all kinds of ways to cut costs. Unfortunately, one of the budget areas that gets frozen first is technology.

Check out this website for digital design 3D printing

3D printer digital design gwydionismyhero

Being a techie guy, I ran across a website recently that I thought was really cool. It is and it is dedicated to all things related to digital design. This includes everything from 3D CAD modeling to actually printing objects in 3D. It's pretty awesome!

Rent or buy office plotter? Take advantage of new tax laws.

buy or rent office plotter tax time

No matter which side of the isle you support, one thing is true: The government is offering businesses some big tax breaks on their equipment purchases this year. If you want to invest in a Canon wide format bundle or some new Oce printers and plotters, you better check this out.

KIP 3100 vs Océ PlotWave 300 Multifunction System

Océ PlotWave 300So, you are kicking around the idea of upgrading your wide-format plotter. Here is a side-by-side look at two of today's most popular systems - the KIP 3100 and the Océ PlotWave 300.

Both units are solid in their own rights, but how do they compare? We've done the hard work for you by providing a side-by-side comparison of the two models:

Océ TDS750 Printer - see what is upgraded from the Océ TDS700

Oce TDS750Océ USA recently introduced the new Océ TDS750 - mid volume large format system. It is built upon the award winning design of the Océ TDS700. This new design is loaded with lots of new features sure to dazzle any engineering or architectural office.

Features added to the Océ TDS750:

Help me pick a plotter - some key things to keep in mind

help me pick a plotter

So, have you ever asked someone to "Help me pick a plotter?" Chances are you have not but probably should have. You see, often people search for a new wide-printer with "the lowest price" as the only criteria. That can be a mistake. There's actually a lot more involved in the decision process than that.

Just say no to recycled plotter toner

Xerographic Process

Let's face it, all toner based printing systems work off of the same principles. The basic design has been around for years. Yet, technology always has a way of improving old models. For instance, LEDs have now replaced lasers as the primary light source. That is a good thing!

Xerox 6604 vs Océ PlotWave 300 Wide Format System

oce plotwave 300When you are shopping for a new single footprint, wide-format multifunction system, you want to make sure that you compare different brands to find the solution that suits you best. Today, two of the most popular systems are the Xerox 6604 and the Océ Plotwave 300.

Both units are solid in their own rights, but how do they compare? We've done the hard work for you by providing a side-by-side comparison of the two models:

Understanding Lease Contracts for Plotters and other Wide Printers


In over 10 years of selling wide-format products, I can honestly say that equipment leases tend to confuse people more than anything. First of all, there is a ton of information to process with the plotter or scanner technologies alone. So, maybe it is the transition from technology to finance, but customers tend to freak out with the whole idea of leasing - provided they haven't leased equipment before.

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