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Top 6 uses for tabletop wide format scanners


In case you haven’t noticed, large format document scanning has become commonplace throughout many organizations. Here are a few reasons why wide format scanners have become more abundant.

  • They save space by eliminating the need to physically store the Tabletop wide format scanner - Contex XD2490documents.
  • Files that are scanned into a digital format can be better organized than more traditional paper filing systems.
  • Easier file sharing – digital files can be emailed or stored on portable flash drives.
  • Cost reduction. There are have been studies conducted that estimate the total cost for filing paper documents can be huge. Check out this ROI calculator.

So then, on the surface, it would seem that both large and small format document scanning would be a no brainer. The concern, however, has been that wide format scanners traditionally have been quite large and required a fair amount of floor space to employ. Luckily, technology has advanced the point where there are some smaller options--tabletop wide format scanners.

Top 6 Uses for tabletop wide format scanners

  • Oil and Gas. The petroleum industry relies heavily on seismic well longs. There is a tremendous advantage to scanning these files versus storing the paper versions.
  • City planning offices. There are many municipal divisions who can benefit from a tabletop wide format scanner – engineering, public works, parks and recreation, planning, etc.
  • Engineers. All engineering firms can benefit from a tabletop wide format scanner – civil engineers, MEP engineers, structural engineers, etc.
  • Architectural firms – Many architects still create rendering by hand. Having the ability to scan these color renderings give the architect greater flexibility to share the information with clients and business partners.
  • Construction subcontractors – Lets these companies make revisions to existing documents and scan for archiving. This is really beneficial for “as-built” drawings.
  • Education. For as long as I can remember, educators have been construction banners and posters by hand. How helpful would it be to scan in each of those designs so they can be easily recalled later? Besides that, teachers and educators have an endless number of other documents that could be scanned via a tabletop wide format scanner – lesson plans, rules posters, assignments, math charts, science tables, etc.

 What other uses can you think of for tabletop wide format scanners?

Tabletop wide format scanner - download brochure


How much does the table top scanner cost? 
Are you able to scan sheets of paper only? or Are you able to scan an image on a hard surface as well? 
Posted @ Tuesday, January 03, 2012 8:00 AM by Mike
The price of the scanner/software bundle is determined by the full configuration. There are some extra accessories that some people may want. Let me know if you would like to see a price quote. 
Otherwise, the XD2490 is designed as a technical scanner. So, it is not capable of scanning mounted material. If you need something for high-quality graphics including mounted items, you should check out the new Contex HD Ultra scanners. 
<a>< /a> 
Posted @ Tuesday, January 03, 2012 8:37 AM by Kevin Vaughan
Thanks, a lot for blogging this, it was unbelieveably informative and helped me tons. 
Scanning Kauai 
Posted @ Monday, February 03, 2014 11:33 PM by John Smith
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