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Here you will find a collection of articles and websites related in some way to the large format printer or wide format scanner industry. If you have a website or company that you feel would be a good complement to this page, please contact us.

TAVCO Downloads - Papers and Guides

Large Format Scanner Buyer's Guide

Learn how all large-format scanners are not made the same. There are different technologies to consider. Get top-notch advice for finding the perfect large-format scanner for your specific set of needs.

3D Printer Buyer's Guide

This informative guide will show you the different 3D print technologies and educate you how to match them up to your specifc applicatin. Need a full-color, visual prototype? Then a low-end, plastic jetting printer will not be the right solution. Download the guide and get up to speed. 

Wide-format Cost Comparison - Inkjet Versus Toner Costs

Examines the cost variance between the two. This white paper details when an LED toner unit is worth the investment over an entry level inkjet plotter.

Benefits to Leasing

Covers all the variables of equipment leasing. This is a good place to start when considering an equiment lease over a cash purchase. 

Considerations for Printing GIS Applications Guide

This Canon Solutions America Guide details how to get the most from GIS print file. This includes best practices for printing techniques, choosing the right quality, the imporatance of the print media and more. 

Lyra White Paper - Color Construction Documents: A Simple Way to Reduce Cost

In this informative white paper, learn how incorporating color into your wide-format construction plans, you can significantly lower mistakes and dramatically reduce costs.

Equipment Slideshow presentations

Océ ColorWave 650 Slideshow

Learn more about the awesome power of the Océ ColorWave 650 system. The unique TonerPearl CrystalPoint Technology is unlike anything else on the market. Take a moment to watch the slide show presentation and get a deeper understanding of the ColorWave 650 wide-format color system.

Plotter and Scanner Hardware Manufacturers

Canon Solutions America

A global leader in digital document management and delivery technology large format web resourcesoffering software solutions, digital printers, copiers, plotters and scanners.


Canon offers state-of-the-art large-format printing solutions designed with exceptional speed, flexibility and quality. With three distinct lines of printers; 12-color for the Photography and Graphics markets, 8-color for the Production market and 5-color for the Technical Documents and General Use markets, Canon has a large format solution to fit your needs. 

3D Systems, Inc.

A leading provider of 3D content-to-print solutions including 3D printers, print materials and cloud sourced on-demand custom parts for professionals and consumers alike with materials including plastics, metals, ceramics and edibles. The company also provides integrated software and hardware tools including scan to CAD and inspection. Its expertly integrated solutions replace and complement traditional methods and reduce the time and cost of designing new products by printing real parts directly from digital input. These solutions are used to rapidly design, create, communicate, prototype or produce real parts, empowering customers to manufacture the future.

Contex Scanning Technology

Contex large format scanners and large format scanning software for color and monochrome wide format scanning solutions.

Other web resources

Sample Print - provides you with a free large format printer print sample to enable you to make the best, and most informed, decision on which wide or large format printer to buy or consider. Just choose from one of our stunning images and request which printer you would like the image to be produced on, and we will do the rest.