BricsCAD Software Migration Guide

Download the free guide and quickly move your customizations to BricsCAD in 4 easy steps. BricsCAD is based on the DWG file format and works very much like AutoCAD® so you will feel right a home in a matter of hours. 



Download and install BricsCAD

Register for a free BricsCAD account [ here ], download, and install BricsCAD. Is is compatible with Windows v8.1-v11, Linus Ubuntu  v18.04 and higher, and MacOS v10.15 and higher. (32 bit or 64 bit)


Explore the familiar interface

Quickly get comfortable in the workspace. Out of the box, BricsCAD behaves much like AutoCAD with familiar features like model space, paper space, command lines, tool palettes, ribbons, and more. 


Begin migration process to BricsCAD

Plan your migration, move over the files needed, and check your migration settings. Running parallel installations, establish network folders, transfer CUI files, replicate peripherals, and more. 


Test a project with BricsCAD

Open a test file and modify entities by adding text, inserting blocks, and check properties. Also, be sure to test plot with a migrated .PC3 file to validate the plotting results. And, that is it. 

Switching to BricCAD is easy

BricsCAD® is the modern, familiar, and cost-effective CAD platform for everyone who designs, builds and manufactures things. 

It is part of the full BricsCAD DWG-based design platform that is developed to be very cost-effective and fully customizable, with its own LISP capability.

Switching from another CAD product is easy. Your can be up and running, using your current customizations in BricsCAD, in less than a day. 

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"After 28 years of using AutoCAD, following a quick and easy installation, we seamlessly transitioned more than 1000 users with various years of experience to BricsCAD. The users are located around the globe, and they made the switch with no additional training required."

Lorelei Connors

Design Manager - Subsea 7

Lorilei Connors - Subsea 7

Why it is worth switching to BricsCAD?

You can keep all of these custom assets to use in BricsCAD


BricsCAD Software Migration Options - TAVCO


BricsCAD uses the universal, and industry-standard, DWG file format - non-proprietary.

Interface is similar to AutoCAD for a familiar working experience

AI-powered features automate tasks, assist users, and increase overall productivity

Choose your flexible license option - perpetual, network, or subscription