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Canon Well Log Printer Bundle

Printing well log files is easy with a Canon iPF printer and SDI VTOF software. 

Print Logs with a Canon Well Log Printer Bundle 

Developed for high-performance, the Canon well log print bundle is a perfect combination of Canon printing hardware and SDI Office VTOF software technology.

The result is a low maintenance, portable printing solution that is specifically designed for cost effective well logs, mud logs, seismic, and other technical documents.

The Canon well log printer ultilizes low cost roll or fan fold media. This large paper capacity is combined with a five color ink jet platform and powerful software to produce excellent results. 


  • Canon technology, quality and value
  • SDI software technology and industry experience
  • Innovative, highly efficient and productive
  • High resolution printing - 2400 x 1200 dpi
  • Print multiple file types: TIF, PDG, CGM, etc.
  • Easy to use, highly intuitive user interface
  • sharp details, crisp fine lines, legible small text
  • Low space requirements, highly portable


Print multiple logs without having to reload or re-register the paper



Of all the functions that the Canon well log printer is capable of, Top of Form is one of the strongest. Simply put, the included SDI VTOF software allows you to calibrate the system to your specific log paper sheet size so that the printer will automatically advance to the next fold in the log paper after printing a well log.

Never again will you have to experience the frustration of a log beginning in the middle of a sheet. The paper calibration will automatically advance to the form to the top of the next sheet (the next fold line). So, even if you print multiple log files, every one of them will position correctly, beginning at the top a page. This feature is called Top of Form.

Access to this functionality has traditionally cost you much more. You'll be amazed at the price difference compared to the competition. The Canon well log system gives you the highest level of functionality for the price.


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