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Take pictures and measure anything with the Leica BLK3D. It is a mobile handheld device that functions as a 3D camera, laser measurer, and digital sketching tool. Architects can capture data and share in multiple formats including JPG, PDF, and DXF. 


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Create Layouts & As-Builts

Measurable images are taken on-site, and the actual measurements needed to define existing conditions or for floorplan creation are created in the office. Reduce the time needed on on-site.


Overcome Measurement Challenges

Measure hard-to-reach areas, such as bay windows, pitched roofs, balconies, roof overhangs, and more. Measurements that previously may have required a laser distance meter and a second person, can now be created in an image.


3D Picture Documentation

Attach your measurable images to a plan and organize them in your project folders. This allow you to recall all the project information and create additional measurements at any point. 


Legal Protection

Using GPS information and measurable images, accurately capture the current situation. Declare any and all existing cracks, damages, and other liabilities. 



Take pictures at the jobsite and prepare quotations in the office. Take measurements on a PC with the BLK Desktop software. Then share those images and measurements with anyone. 


Improved Communications

3D images better communicate workflows between an architecture firm, engineers, and other contractors. Easily share existing conditions as a JPF, PDF, or DXF file with customers and/or subcontractors. 

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The Leica BLK3D is a state-of-the-art handheld device that captures 3D measurements from 2D photographs and will forever change how you document onsite conditions.

The BLK3D is ultra-portable, about the size of a large mobile phone. It includes dual stereo cameras that mimic the binocular vision of human eyes, with a field of vision of 80 degrees each.

It is perfect for architects and skilled construction trades that need fast and accurate measurements, but not necessarily a full 3D scanner.

This new digital platform replaces the need for manual measurements and documentation processes that formerly relied on tape measures, distance meters, photos, and written notes.

Anything that is out of reach, I can capture with the BLK3D.

Incorporating the Leica BLK3D into his workflow allows Scott to work more efficiently by capturing all the measurements in one shot, eliminating the need for multiple site visits. 

Scott Siegel

Scott Siegel Architects

Scott Siegel Architect

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Get a custom quote to purchase or lease a Leica BLK3D solution and start improving your jobsite documentation.

Whether using photos for photogrammetry reality capture, laser measurements, or point-to-point (P2P) measurements, do it all with a BLK3D.


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