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Roofing contractors can take pictures and measure any roof surface with the Leica BLK3D. It is a mobile handheld device that functions as a 3D camera, laser measurer, and digital sketching tool. 


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Simple Data Capture

A single user can visit a proposed jobsite and simply take pictures with the BLK3D device. Also, digital measurements of 3D pictures eliminate the need for any return trips for additional measurements.


Measure in the Office

Upload 3D images to the BLK3D Desktop software to measure dimensions in the office on a PC. Sharing image links with the optional Publisher software enables images to be shared with anyone, including customers. 


Improve Safety

As long as you can see the surface of the roof, any roof is measurable via a 3D picture. This greatly reduces the need to climb to heights to take measurements. 


Increase Efficiency

Because of the ease, speed, and universal understanding of the information shared in a 3D image, using a BLK3D for roofing quotes in a huge increase in efficiency for roofing companies.  

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The Leica BLK3D is a state-of-the-art handheld device that captures 3D measurements from 2D photographs and will forever change how you document onsite conditions.

The BLK3D is ultra-portable, about the size of a large mobile phone. It includes dual stereo cameras that mimic the binocular vision of human eyes, with a field of vision of 80 degrees each.

It is perfect for architects and skilled construction trades that need fast and accurate measurements, but not necessarily a full 3D scanner.

This new digital platform replaces the need for manual measurements and documentation processes that formerly relied on tape measures, distance meters, photos, and written notes.

The Leica BLK3D has greatly sped up the process of measuring areas and distances without having to set up against a grid reference system.

It is as easy to use as any mobile handheld device and has improved overall safety and efficiency onsite.

Tom Lovegrove

BAM Construction

Tom Lovegove - BAM Construction UK

Make better roofing quotes using 3D pictures from a Leica BLK3D


Roofing quotes made better with Leica BLK3D


Get a custom quote to purchase or lease a Leica BLK3D solution and start improving your jobsite documentation.

Whether using photos for photogrammetry reality capture, laser measurements, or point-to-point (P2P) measurements, do it all with a BLK3D.


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