The Construction Safety Observations module makes it easy for anyone in your company to design risk-related observations through the easy-to-use mobile app and web interface. 

This promotes a Predictive-Based Safety (PBS) program rather and a traditional reactive, Behavioral-Based Safety (BBS) program. The jobsite safety observations module can work on its own or as an integration with your existing construction management system. 


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Recording Observations

  • Easy-to-use mobile and web applications make everyone a source for safety observations in the workplace
  • Support for both positive and risk-based observations builds a balanced picture of project activity 
  • Risk-scored observations feed into role-based alerts to help prioritize and close field observations 
  • Module includes mobile iOS app, web-browser interface, data access via APIs and single-sign-on integration capabilities
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Dashboards, Alerts, and Analytics

  • An easy to understand risk score of Severity x Frequency translates into risk ratings that drive workflow and predictions
  • Workflow streamlines observation flow across safety and management teams
  • Alerts make sure no observations stay open for too long 
  • You can import existing observations (even photos) so that your old data is available for safety observation reporting and predictive analytics 

More Safety Observation Features

  • Integration support for projects, users, trade partners and more means you don’t need to create “duplicate systems”
  • The custom-built training program for end users, managers and executives ensures a common understanding of observations
  • Unlimited user pricing model supports the best practice of making everyone responsible for making observations, both positive and risk-based. Then create “leaderboards” to reward team members who are hitting and exceeding their observation targets!


Case studies


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