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Upgrade to Revu 2018.5

Recently users of Bluebeam Revu Version 2018 have experienced some problems with the application rendering images on screen. This has manifested as showing blank pages, scrolling issues, etc.

Good news, Bluebeam has addressed this in their latest release, Revu 2018.5. Here is how to check and see if you can upgrade.

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Revu 2018.5 addresses several issues, including important rendering fixes related to the display of documents when the application is left in an idle state.

  • Addressed an issue where documents that remained open for an extended amount of time caused the document content to go blank or disappear and intermittently caused Revu to freeze.

  • Addressed an issue where panning and zooming before the rendering completed in a document containing large images caused Revu to crash.

  • Addressed an issue where some documents had content accuracy issues when using the Skia rendering engine.

  • Addressed an issue where deleting multiple thumbnails in a document with broken hyperlinks would cause Revu to crash with an error.

  • Addressed an issue where using the Save As function with the thumbnails panel open would sometimes cause Revu to freeze.

  • Addressed an issue where updating the status of a lot of markups caused Studio Sessions to freeze.

  • Addressed an issue in Studio Sessions where the Critical Operation dialog never completed and Revu needed to be restarted.

Download the latest version of Revu here.


Essentially, Bluebeam Revu is a software application that allows users to markup, takeoff, organize, and collaborate with PDF files like never before.

More than simply a PDF viewer, or annotation tool, Bluebeam Revu is efficiency and collaboration software for anyone who works with technical files.

This applies to a wide range of industries, including construction, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and energy related companies. The built-in tools and functions provide users in these industries a sleek and powerful tool to get work done quickly.


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Built on a Powerful Foundation

The power of Bluebeam software is founded in the dynamic nature of the PDF file format. Although common, a PDF file is much more versatile than most people know.

PDFs actually serve as a container for much more information than just the represented image. In fact, they are also capable of containing a collection of meta data including annotations, layers, digital signatures, 3D information, and much more.

All of this additional data can be edited, organized, and managed easily with Bluebeam software. In fact, the integrated Markups List offers the functionality of a spreadsheet, such as Microsoft Excel, right inside the PDF file.

This gives users the ability to filter markups by subject, sort notes, assign responsibilities, and more. 


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Because all of this extra data can be stored within the framework of the PDF file format, that information can be manipulated and managed. Bluebeam Revu takes full advantage of this and allows users to capitalize on this to maximize productivity, increase project predictability, and minimize risk.

"More than simply a PDF viewer, or annotation tool, Bluebeam Revu is efficiency and collaboration software for anyone who works with technical files."

Learn even more: Read the Definitieve Guide to Bluebeam Revu

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