Compare CCD vs CIS Scanning Technologies

Posted by Kevin Vaughan on Mon, Feb 17, 2020 @ 10:30 PM

Large format scanning has become instrumental for many AEC (architectural, engineering, & construction) companies.

Powerful CAD programs and other software applications, such as Bluebeam Revu, are changing the way construction documents are handled, viewed, marked up, and shared. But, what about the vast number of archived drawings stored in flat files?

Many business leaders are opting to get a large format scanner to digitize those files, but when considering a purchase, there can be some confusion on selecting the right scanner for large documents.

There are two primary types of wide-format scanning technologies to consider. Both have their merits, but it really is a matter of application regarding which process it right for your situation.

Read on to learn the difference between the two to determine which one is best suited for you - CCD vs CIS scanner technologies.

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4 Primary Functions of Large Format Scanners

Posted by Kevin Vaughan on Tue, Dec 17, 2019 @ 04:38 PM

Large format scanners have become essential tools for many engineering and architectural firms. In fact, it is commonplace to see them sitting alongside office plotters to perform a variety of different jobs.


Like any other job, though, things are easier when you are armed with the right equipment. So, how do you pick the right tool—the right large format scanner for your company?


The first thing you have to consider is the task that you need the scanner to perform. There are four primary scenarios where wide format scanners are most useful.


Which ones are the most important to you?

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The Real Deal of Image Quality with a Large Format Color Scanner

Posted by Kevin Vaughan on Mon, Sep 03, 2012 @ 08:39 AM

If it is time to get a new large format color scanner, you will want to look at all of your options before you make a decision. But, be careful, the spec sheets don’t always tell the whole story. One of the first things you'll usually consider is resolution. But, the problem with resolution is that it is a very dynamic topic. Higher resolutions are not necessarily better in every case. Let’s explore overall image quality, and determine what is “good enough” and what is best for your situation.

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See Why all Wide Scanners are Not the Same - Be Informed!

Posted by Kevin Vaughan on Thu, Aug 23, 2012 @ 08:51 AM

It would not be a fair statement to say that all PCs are the same. There is a wide range of sizes and configurations. Some high-end systems have very powerful processors and massive hard drives, but the smaller, inexpensive ones don’t. Most people clearly understand this and are able to choose the right PC for their needs. However, when it comes to large format scanners (over 24 inches), some people neglect to do the proper research to pick the right unit for their specific situation. It is important to know all the options and determine whether or not you need a robust, flexible wide scanner.

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See the Best Large Format Scanner for Your Money

Posted by Kevin Vaughan on Mon, Jun 25, 2012 @ 07:03 AM

There must be something in the air...AEC companies have begun to CRAVE large format scanners. If you stop and think about it though, it really makes a lot of sense. After all, when your company has a large format scanner, you have the ability to digitize all of your old drawings and blueprints into an electronic format--PDF being the file type of choice. But, how do you decide what is the best large format scanner for your money?

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Top 6 uses for tabletop wide format scanners

Posted by Kevin Vaughan on Mon, Dec 12, 2011 @ 07:01 AM

In case you haven’t noticed, large format document scanning has become commonplace throughout many organizations. Here are a few reasons why wide format scanners have become more abundant.

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See one of the best wide format color scanners for the money | TAVCO

Posted by Kevin Vaughan on Tue, Aug 30, 2011 @ 06:13 AM

Wide format color scanners give companies an easy and affordable way to save time on in-house scanning activities. These specialized units are built for high-volume productivity so that businesses can conduct critical imaging tasks. 

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What is the best large-format scanner for an artist?

Posted by Kevin Vaughan on Tue, Feb 22, 2011 @ 11:15 AM

Here is the situation. You are an artist who needs to scan paintings, photos, or giclée prints into a digital format. But how? What is the best large-format scanner for an artist?

Without question, the best possible solution would be a large flat-panel scanner. But, that type of equipment rarely meets an artist's budget. So, what is the alternative?
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