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The following recorded webinar takes you through an overview of new features in Bluebeam Revu 2018 software. This presentation starts with the the layout of the new interface. A lot has changed, but you’ll see just how intuitive the software is, even for inexperienced users. Learn about the new panels layout, see how profiles have changed, and much more.

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Co-hosted by TAVCO and Steve Jones of Bluebeam, this webinar takes you through the aspects of the completely redesigned interface allowing users much more screen real estate.  Discover how to access the side panels easily through the new thumbnail icons. 

From there, get an in-depth overview of the NEW Dynamic Properties Toolbar. This new feature make it a snap to quickly and easily make changes to any markup or annotation. This is one of the coolest new functions of 2018 - you need to see it for yourself. 

Learn what's new with the Markups List and see the enhancements made to Bluebeam Studio—the online collaboration tool available with every license of Bluebeam. Now, for the first time, you can drag and drop new files into a Cloud Studio Session. 


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00:15 – New 2018 interface introduction

01:20 – Redesigned Panels layout

02:12 –  Navigation in Revu 2018 with Thumbnail Icons

04:30 – Using Profiles in 2018

05:32 –  Dynamic Properties Toolbar

08:12  –  Markups List

09:10 –  Adjust Icon Size on Left Panel

12:30 –  Generate multiple PDF summaries from the Markups List

13:57 –   Bluebeam Studio 2018

19:40 –  Filter record of Studio Session (New in 2018)

21:16     New Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

24:40 –  New "In App" on-board training for new user of Revu 2018

26:30 –  View Mode (Built-in Free Viewer)

29:55 –   Inviting people to Studio Projects

32:32 –   Redaction function in Revu 2018

35:10 –   Adding custom markups to the Tool Chest

37:45 –   Overlay pages and Compare Documents (Comparing Revisions)


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Thanks to Steve Jones, Senior Channel Sales Manager, for hosting this webinar in conjunction with TAVCO.


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