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See how industry-leading companies are using BricsCAD software to power their workflow

See how some of the most influential companies improved their CAD workflows with BricsCAD software.


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Case Study: Tekenbureau Amersfoort uses BricsCAD to draft production drawings for aluminum and steel facade construction. 

"The transition from AutoCAD to BricsCAD is actually very easy: all commands are the same, and I can continue to use the .dwg fles that I created with AutoCAD. After a morning, you will get
the hang of BricsCAD." - Ben van Amersfoort, Owner Tekenbureau Amersfoort


Case Study: Mazda uses BricsCAD for the 2D design of factory assembly lines and equipment.

"Because the leading CAD software had a high license cost, we were limited in the number of licenses (we could afford) and couldn’t use it when we wanted to. BricsCAD offers licenses at a reasonable price and yet has the same functionality and stability as our previous CAD software. For me, BricsCAD is a software that has no flaws and at the sam time is very economical." - Shinya Kohama, Production Planning Department at Mazda


Case Study: Prototyp relies on BricsCAD to combine 2D and 3D modeling to create facades for some incredible buildings around the world. 

"In our line of work, sometimes the 2D path is more productive, and other times, 3D is the way to go. Engineers are not defned by which program they use; they are defned by what they know. And if you’re an engineer who is used to working in 2D, it is much easier to start working in 3D with BricsCAD than with any other tool, because you can just follow the same intuitive pattern." - Hristo Guentchev, Managing Director at Prototyp



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