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    Learn the true operational costs of Canon wide format printers.

    Canon Cost Calculator for TM and TX Series


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    When deciding on a new wide format printer, it is important to know your TCO - Total Cost of Operation. So, you need to have a true idea of what it cost per page or per square foot to operate the unit.

    Obviously, costs will fluctuate greatly depending on your printing application. CAD and General Purpose Printing will have much different metrics than graphics or photos.

    See the estimated cost per square foot for many Canon imagePROGRAF printers so you can make a better education decision.


    Get the Canon Cost Analysis PDFs

    Compare different models: From a general purpose 24-inch printer to one designed to produce high-end graphics

    • Canon TM-200/300/305 General Purpose Printing (with new Pigment Inks)
    • Canon TX-3000/4000 CAD and Workgroup Printing System 
    • Canon PRO Series 2000/4000 Professional Graphics Printers

    Plus, these legacy models
    • Canon iPF650 / iPF655 Cost Analysis
    • Canon iPF750 / iPF760 / iPF765 Cost Analysis
    • Canon iPF780 / iPF785 Cost Analysis
    • Canon iPF830 / iPF840 / iPF850 Cost Analysis
    • Canon iPF6400SE Cost Analysis
    • Canon iPF8400SE Cost Analysis

    See your costs of operation: Accounts for all ink and paper costs

    Plan ahead: Budget better by knowing your cost-per-page expenditures


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