Contex IQ 2490 Scanner

Powerful 24-inch scanner ideal for technical documents onsite and in the cloud.

Scan up to D-size documents

Contex IQ 2490 - A1/D-Size Scanner


Easy to setup, use, and maintain

Faster than ever before - Spend less time scanning and instead focus on what matter to you. 

Smarter - Collaborating with large plans and documents suddenly becomes a seamless part of your day-to-day operation. IQ Quattro is networked with your entire workgroup and Cloud enabled so anybody in  your project team can use it from their smartphone.

Better Image Quality - Shadows and unwanted background are suppressed leaving you with crisp, sharp, and natural scans.

Harness Unique Technology - With Contex CleanScan CIS modules, superfast Ethernet, and award-winning NextImage software, Contex IQ Quattro is the leading scanner for technical projects.

It's Great for Scanning Well Logs


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Optimal Image Quality with Simple Operation


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Completely customizable for your specific needs


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Scanning wide documents has become a critical component to companies that work with large, technical, or GIS drawings. Choosing the right option among all the choices of large format scanners can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult task.


Download the Large Format Scanner Buyer's Guide

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