Océ ColorWave 3000 Series

The next evolution in productive all-in-one large-format systems

One printer for all of your B/W and color needs 

The Océ ColorWave 3000 series printer is the 4th generation of Océ CrystalPoint printers with a proud history of 10 years and more than 10,000 installations worldwide. The CW3000 series is a single-footprint print, scan, and copy solution for decentralized environments. This printing system requires little to no training and is perfect for both color and black and white drawings as well as graphics applications.

Oce ColorWave 3500 - Numbered Features - TAVCO


  1. Worry Free Walk Up Print Engine
  2. Better copy and color scanning results
  3. Handle incoming jobs with ease and confidence
  4. Productively mix applications and run large jobs
  5. Confidently meets the highest end-user standards  
  6. Reliable performance


The flexible and productive choice for your business, now and in the future.

  • Clear, high-quality printed output for technical and graphic applications
  • Secure Microsoft Windows iOT 10 embedded controller platform
  • Weather-proof, water resistant prints for outdoor / field use when printed on Tyvek® media
  • Intuitively print, copy and scan on one system using the seamlessly integrated Scanner Express for effortless and time saving operation
  • Elimination of outsourcing as all printing can be brought in house
  • The ability to print multiple color and or B&W applications on one system
  • Reduction of wasted/costly prints and time with Océ PAINT technology
  • Flexible and Productive: An Amazing fit for Decentralized Environments
  • Up to 4 on-line media rolls — for more flexibility without manual roll changing
  • Toner-based system with no drying time — means more prints can be stacked, finished and shipped immediately after they come out of the print engine
  • Top stacking for neatly collated prints — less interaction with the printer is required
  • Save on floor space with the Océ ColorWave 3500 or ColorWave 3700

Oce ColorWave 3500 - Angle View - TAVCO


  • No dust, odor, ozone and minimal waste
  • Low noise printer making it a good fit for decentralized environments
  • Low energy use, certified with ENERGY STAR and EPEAT print engine certification
  • Scanner and finishing options
  • Single footprint scanner option w/Océ Image Logic for ‘right the first time results
  • Multiple finishing options for stacking and folding of documents

Océ ColorWave® 3000 series large format printing system is based on the proven award-winning Océ CrystalPoint technology. This compact all-in-one system serves as both a color and black & white printer, copier and scanner in an easy-to-use single footprint.

Effortlessly handles multiple applications ranging from B&W and color CAD, GIS and full color graphics on a wide variety of media, including plain paper for a lower cost of operation.

Increase your efficiency and decrease operating costs by consolidating multiple inkjet devices into an all in one device. The unique Océ TonerPearl® technology makes for a totally clean system: there's no fine dust, no odor and minimal waste disposal


Tech Specs

Up to 225 D-size prints per hour with zero dry time for instantly usable, waterfast prints with multiple finishing options such as online folders, media take up unit and stacking options.

The 42-inch wide printer holds up to four or six media rolls, each containing up to 650 feet of media for interrupted printing.

Single footprint scanner option as well as and multiple finishing options for stacking/folding of technical documents.

Océ Publisher Select™ provides an interactive preview showing the effects of selected settings on the output to avoid misprints.

See what else the Océ ColorWave 3000 Series has in store for you.

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