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    Océ PlotWave 365 Printing System

    Cloud integrated, advanced large format document management

    ***This system is now upgraded to the PlotWave 3500 - Info coming 


    Dominate Printing with an Océ PlotWave 365!

    Experience legendary Océ quality and performance

    Print quickly with zero "warm up" time with Radiant Fusion Technology

    Save valuable floor space with the all-in-one compact design



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    Save valuable floor space: The new single-footprint form factor intelligently combines the printer, scanner, and controller PC in one compact system.

    Power through the biggest files with ease: The new Océ POWERsync controller is based on an embedded Windows 10, 64-bit architecture. With a Dual-Core processor, 500 GB hard-drive, and 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, your largest, most complex files are no match for the PlotWave 365.

    Connects with your world: Now interacting with the machine is as easy as using a tablet thanks to the new Océ ClearConnect multi-user panel.

    Requires no warm-up time: With Océ patented Radiant Fusion Technology, the PlotWave system requires virtually no warm-up time, making it the fastest printer in its class.

    Includes integrated color scanning: The new Océ Scanner Express adds color scanning functionality to the innovative Océ print engine. Now you can scan markups and annotations and recall the files with full-color integrity. 

    Is rooted in green technology: The PlotWave 365 only heats up when printing, when in idle mode, it is cold and consumes almost no energy.

    Durability: Robust technology is built to withstand the workload of multiple users.



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    Wide-format printing, copying, and scanning just got easier for everyone!


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    Compare the differences between toner and inkjet




    The way you work with large format plans and documents has changed drastically over the years. How do you know if your current printing method is efficient and cost effective?


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    • Learn how to invest in the right plotter technology for your specific work flow
    • See how toner plotters stack up against ink jets when printing monochrome sheets
    • Examine how the new demand for printing in color could affect you


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