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Supporting architecture, engineering, and construction with technology solutions for over 40 years. Our passionate mission is to help companies be more successful and win more.



Your business revolves around high-stakes projects and tight deadlines. The right technology is paramount to achieving those goals and beating your competition. That's where TAVCO steps in. 


With over four decades of pioneering in imaging and printing technology, we cater to industry leaders who demand nothing short of excellence. Our acclaimed e-commerce platform is a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation, earning recognition as the top choice among discerning AEC professionals.


Our products, available 24/7 at tavcotech.com, include the industry-leading Matterport 3D cameras, state-of-the-art Canon and HP large-format printers, and Contex wide-format scanners. These tools are not just equipment; they are your partners in transforming visions into tangible successes. 


But at TAVCO, we go beyond merely equipping you. We enrich your journey with unparalleled service and support, featuring premium specialty paper, OEM ink, and a dedicated team committed to ensuring that every interaction with your TAVCO equipment is seamless and productive.


Are you ready to redefine efficiency and elevate your project outcomes? We invite you to explore our exclusive product range on our website or to connect with our experts for a personal consultation. 


At TAVCO, we don't just sell products; we collaborate with you to revolutionize your technology landscape and amplify your operational prowess. Join the elite circle of professionals who choose TAVCO and propel your business into unparalleled success.


We are real people who want to help you succeed


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Products and Services


HP Designjet Plotters: Print, copy, and scan drawings, graphics, aerial photos, maps, and more with the HP DesignJet portfolio of large-format printers. Produce technical drawings, graphics, and other applications with ease. HP Designjet printers have been time-tested and loved by AEC professionals for decades. 


Canon imagePROGRAF Printers: The entire line of Canon imagePROGRAF large-format color printers is at the forefront of the industry—specialized customer solutions and applications that range from production printing to technical documents.


Contex Large-Format Scanners: These technical scanners produce lean, sharp image quality on technical documents, sketches, and maps. Contex large format scanners give companies an easy and affordable way to save time on in-house scanning activities for wide-format documents.


3D Cameras & LiDAR Scanners: Architecture, engineering, construction, facilities management, and real estate companies benefit from scanned data from digital twins to get immersive visual access to critical building intelligence. This data is captured using a 3D camera or a LiDAR laser scanner.

This data is a complete and accurate "as-built" record valuable to all project partners throughout the project's lifecycle. This 3D data enables faster and easier collaboration, increased productivity, added efficiencies, and overall project cost reduction.


Plotter Paper, Ink, and Other Supplies: We carry many plotter supplies for many large-format printers and systems. We have it all, from check plot bonds to artistic canvas media. Explore and shop supplies 24/7 on our online store


Our mission is to be the USA's most preferred resource for construction technology solutions. We promise to provide the best end-user experience possible. 


We proudly serve these industry sectors.

Architects/Engineers: Whether you are simply printing check plots or producing large runs of plans, you need the right equipment to get the job done. Likewise, as BIM technology integrates more into CAD, it will become a more significant part of your workflow.


This change means color will become more prevalent in your plots and scans. Having a technologically savvy partner who understands your specific needs would be best. TAVCO has the experience tools to support all of your large-format efforts.


Construction: Developers, contractors, and builders in Texas know it’s crucial to manage and exchange information throughout a construction project carefully. Having the correct information when and where needed can differentiate between success and failure. Trust TAVCO to get you the large-format printing and scanning gear you need to stay on schedule.


Oil and Gas: Petroleum exploration, production, and related companies have many extensive documents to print and scan. Logs, GIS data, and aerial photos are the wide-format documents the oil and gas industry uses daily. Choose TAVCO for dedicated and focused support on your plotters, well-log printers, and wide-format scanners.


Manufacturing: Product manufacturers and tooling companies of all sizes need the most efficient way to deal with technical data. Besides wide-format prints and scans, manufacturers use printing to create prototypes and test parts. You can depend on TAVCO to help with your technical printing needs.

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