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The future of CAD is here! BricsCAD is a computer-aided design application that brings new levels of performance and innovation to DWG files. BricsCAD allows you to work faster by utilizing the latest in AI and machine learning technologies. 


It's easy to get started. BricsCAD looks and feels like AutoCAD®, including a similar interface, commands, and shortkeys. But, the BricsCAD pricing model is completely different.  


Unlike other CAD software platforms that force you into mandatory subscription renewals, BricsCAD takes a different approach to pricing. 

You can choose to "rent" the software annually via a subscription, or you can purchase the software (perpetual license) and own it outright.

Perpetual licenses can stay current by keeping annual maintenance active. See what you can save with our interactive calculators


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Use these ROI calculators to determine your return on investment for switching to BricsCAD.


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