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Quickly convert hard-copy plans into digital files for storage or sharing.

Find the Right Large Format Scanner for Your Company

Digitize your office and reduce your paper-related workflow
Do your own large document scanning
Benefit financially by not having to rely on 3rd part scanning and archival companies


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Which large format scanner is right for you?

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HD Ultra Scanners

  • Superior productivity
  • Tried and proven CCD camera technology
  • Intelligent paper return eliminates the need to rewind originals
  • Allows scanning of thick/ rigid originals
  • Funnel-shaped paper path ensure accurate paper positioning

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IQ Flex Scanners

  • Scanner for large documents including books, artwork, textiles, and delicate originals
  • Ultra-fast one touch scanning
  • Built-in controller and touchscreen interface
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Versatile use - scan with the lid closed, lifted, or open.

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IQ Quattro 4400 Series - 44 inch

  • Perfect for large document scanning for AEC and general purpose
  • High 1,200 dpi optical resolution
  • 44-inch wide scanning aperture
  • 16-bit monochrome and 48-bit color capture
  • Includes Contex NextImage scanning software

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IQ Quattro 2400 Series - 24 inch

  • Scan small and large documents
  • 24-inch CIS scanner (Great for well logs!)
  • Make quality copies with built-in printer integration
  • Share instantly with one-touch email right from the scanner interface


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Contex SD One Scanner

  • Compact desktop scanner with portable stand
  • Space-saving and lightweight design
  • Contex Dynamic CIS scanning technology
  • Capture all of your document types
  • Cloud capable and easy to use.

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Colortrac SmartLF Scan

  • Scanner and software bundled together
  • Compact, lightweight, for highly-portable wide format scanning
  • SingleSensor contact imaging sensor
  • Exceptional Productivity
  • Durable metal carrying case included

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Wide-format scanners for many applications


Today's business environment is changing and many companies are looking for easy and economical ways to digitize old documents  and drawings. What many of them do not realize is that a large format scanning system is easy to get and use. Find out more. 

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