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Use our interactive calculator and discover why today's leading AEC professionals consider Matterport a profitable investment. See how much you can save with digital twins. 

The Value Add of Digital Twins

Investing in Matterport's 3D scanning and digital twins technology offers direct and indirect monetary benefits. It saves costs by reducing the need for return trips to the site and ensuring compliance and quality assurance, which are pivotal for AEC projects.


Matterport Testimonials

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Our clients who can’t travel can use Matterport to fully experience a space,” Cameron says. “We scanned 50,000 square feet of office space for one of our clients in Dallas and presented it to them virtually. They were blown away by what they could see onscreen.

Nick Cameron - Director of Digital Practice - Perkins&Will
Nick Cameron

Director of Digital Practice, Will&Perkins

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Matterport allows us to go to a jobsite, quickly walk through the space, and capture it in a way that used to require thousands of photos and a lot of complex folders. We replaced that with a simple scan that provides high-quality information, is much easier to navigate, and is way more informative for our clients and us.

Katie Montag - Knutson - Virtual Design Director
Katie Montag

Virtual Design & Construction Director, Knutson Construction

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In a single four-hour online meeting, we designed and went through 21 branch locations using Matterport. That’s 21 times our team avoided a day lost to traveling to a physical location, which translates to 168 hours working hours saved.

Joel Vande Boom - Director of Strategic Projects - Gilbane
Joey Vande Boom

Director of Strategic Projects, Gilbane

Matterport for AEC

Matterport's 3D scanning technology is an industry-leading solution for AEC professionals, offering unparalleled digital twin software for comprehensive construction management. 

Enhance design assessment and construction planning with precise as-built documentation and seamless scan-to-CAD/BIM integration. Leverage Matterport for real-time construction progress monitoring, quality assurance checks, and issue coordination, ensuring rigorous milestone documentation. 

As your project transitions from construction to commissioning and facility management, Matterport becomes indispensable for safety training, closeout documentation, and future-proof operations. 

Partner with TAVCO, a trusted Matterport vendor, to elevate your AEC operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and long-term ROI.

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