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Keep your projects on track and experience peace with your old plotter. 

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Are you experiencing sluggish performance, frustrating errors, or driver issues when printing on plotter paper? TAVCO's expert plotter repair and support services can revive your aging Canon or HP wide-format plotter and keep your projects on track. 

We've been a trusted partner for printing equipment for over 40 years, specializing in large-format printing technologies for companies, government agencies, and throughout Texas. 


Here's why TAVCO is your one-stop shop for all your plotter needs:


  • Nationwide Expertise, Local Touch: Our certified technicians boast in-depth knowledge of all significant plotter brands (including Canon & HP). We offer on-site service within a 250-mile radius of Austin, TX, including major markets like Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and more.

  • Nationwide Support: For customers beyond this area, our expertise extends nationwide! We can assist you remotely with your wide format plotter or connect you with a trusted service provider in your location.

  • Remote Support by Phone or Video: Need a quick diagnosis or expert guidance on troubleshooting your plotter printer? Our nationwide remote support is available via phone or video call. The first call is always free!

  • Parts & Installation Help: We can ship parts and provide remote guidance to walk you through the installation process for select plotter models.

  • Maximize Plotter Performance: Get the most out of your plotter with our flexible support options, including:

  • Flat-Rate Service Contracts: Enjoy predictable costs and peace of mind with our comprehensive annual maintenance plans, which cover all parts, labor, and travel. >> Free eBook: Beware of the Pitfalls of MPS Service Contracts

  • One-Off Support: Address any plotter printer issue with our convenient 'time and materials' calls.

  • Commitment to Your Success: We're dedicated to exceptional service and ensuring your wide format plotter delivers high-quality graphics and precise technical drawings on plotter paper.


Ready to breathe new life into your plotter and achieve printing peace of mind?


How to Request Service:

Complete the support form at TAVCO Plotter Repair Service

Receive a service quote and estimated repair time upon request approval.

For out-of-territory requests, we offer to recommend a trusted local service company (our commitment is to ensure that your issue is addressed correctly, even if it is not with us)

Free Resources: Download our free plotter driver downloads and user manuals for HP and Canon models.


Print Drivers:

Canon Drivers

HP Drivers



Canon TZ Series

Canon TX Series

Canon TM Series

HP Manuals

Wide Format Plotter & Printer Repair

Plotters and scanners are precious investments for your company. When they go down, your productivity screeches to a halt. We get that!

TAVCO's highly-trained Service Team is ready to get you back online.

Maximize your ROI. Contact us today to request a service call for your plotter or wide-format multi-function system. 

  • Canon & HP trained and certified technicians

  • Genuine OEM plotter parts

  • Direct onsite service & support in most Texas markets

  • National support available through channel partner network

  • Annual service contracts & as-needed service call options

Free estimates for plotter repair services

If you need a plotter repaired, call us at (886) 254-8590 or email We will give you a free estimate and connect you with one of our experienced technicians to diagnose the problem. Once we figure out the solution, we will schedule a convenient appointment with you.


Emergency repairs

We understand how frustrating it can be when your plotter breaks down unexpectedly. That’s why we offer emergency plotter repair service. If your plotter stops working during regular business hours, please get in touch with us immediately so we can help you directly.


Financing options on replacement equipment

If a replacement is better than a repair, we offer financing options through our lending partners. For example, if you upgrade, you can pay off your equipment purchase monthly instead of one large payment upfront.

Other Service Options
  • You can use an extended range of onsite services - you can contact a service representative to learn more.

  • TAVCO In-House Service and Support: Ship us your plotter or drop it off for discounted rates.

  • Remote Support: We offer web-based support for computer and driver issues. Sometimes, we can also log into your printer to troubleshoot the call further.

Equipment Serviced and Supported:

  • Canon TZ 30000 Series

    • TZ-30000 MFP, TZ-30000 printer

  • Canon TX Series

    • TX-3100, TX-4100, TX-3000, TX-4000

  • Canon iPF Pro Series printers

    • Pro-2100, Pro-2000, Pro-4100, Pro-4000, Pro-4100S, Pro-6000, Pro-6100S, GP-200, GP-300, GP-2000, GP-4000

  • Canon imagePROGRAF printers

    • TM-305, TM-300, TM-200, iPF-785, iPF-780, iPF-830, ipF-840, iPF-850

  • Canon (Oce) PlotWave systems

      • PlotWave 3500, PlotWave 3000, PlotWave 5000, PlotWave 5500, PlotWave 7500, PlotWave 500, PlotWave 550, PlotWave 450, PlotWave 365, PlotWave 345, PlotWave 360, PlotWave 340

  • Canon (Oce) ColorWave systems

      • ColorWave 3600, ColorWave 3000, ColorWave 3700, ColorWave 500, ColorWave 700

  • Contex wide-format scanners

    • HD Ultra X Series, HD Ultra Series, IQ Quattro X Series, IQ Series

  • HP DesignJet T-Sereis printers

    • DesignJet T730, DesignJet T830 MFP. DesignJet T1700, DesignJet T1600, DesignJet T2600

  • HP DesignJet Z-Series printers

    • DesignJet Z6, DesignJet Z9+

  • HP DesignJet XL Series

    • DesginJet XL3600

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Essential Information:

  • Most support emails receive a response within one hour during regular business hours.
  • We address most calls within a 48-hour window, depending on the location and severity of the issue, subject to the availability of parts and authorized quotes.
  • Existing customers are also welcome to complete the online form.
  • TAVCO offers service and support for the following brands: Océ, Canon, and HP.

Experience peace of mind with TAVCO's exceptional plotter repair and service options. Contact us today to schedule your repair or maintenance.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do you maintain a plotter?

Regular plotter maintenance includes cleaning the printhead, print path, and rollers; replacing consumables such as ink cartridges and print heads when necessary; and updating firmware and drivers. Scheduling periodic maintenance with a professional technician can help keep your plotter in optimal working condition.


Can my printer be repaired?

Yes, in many cases, it is possible to repair large-format printers. However, the feasibility of repair depends on factors such as the damage's extent, the printer's age, and the availability of replacement parts. If the plotter is end-of-life, it generally does not make sense to search third-party sources for parts. Please consult a professional technician to determine if a repair is the best option for your printer.


What is the lifespan of a plotter?

The lifespan of a plotter varies depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and the specific model. However, proper care and maintenance ensure that a high-quality plotter can last several years or even a decade.


How long should a plotter last?

The longevity of a plotter depends on factors such as usage, maintenance, and the specific model. A high-quality plotter can last several years or even a decade with proper care and regular maintenance. Regularly updating firmware and drivers and adhering to the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations can help prolong the life of your plotter.


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