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    Weekly rental options for scanner bundles to capture point cloud data

    Rent a 3D scanner or photogrammetry imager from TAVCO and use reality capture to get the full picture before your project even begins.

    Leica BLK360 Tablet-Phone-Monitor - Construction CMYK

    Quickly scan your project site and capture detailed point cloud data that you can integrate into your proof of concept and create visualizations to show your potential client.


    Remove guesswork and free yourself from time-consuming, manual measurements. Stop relying on outdated drawings and begin the planning process with confidence.


    Use reality capture technology to rapidly gather existing conditions with precise accuracy. Plus, assure quality by documenting every phase of the project. 


    Use a laser scanner to verify that your work and improve quality control. Keep other trades honest with accurate site verification and ensure that everything is installed to specification.


    Document your as-built conditions in fine detail. Make your mark by delivering your client an impressive handover and make the closeout seamless.



    Leica BLK360 Imaging Scanner Rental/Demo Bundle

    Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 & BLK360 0419 (25)

    What's included:

    • Leica BLK360 Scanner 
    • Mission Bag
    • Tripod (Plus tripod adapter for mounting on other tripods)
    • 3x batteries with charger
    • Mobile tablet with Cyclone Field 3D App (TAVCO license)
    • Web/Phone onboarding software support (1 hour)
    • TAVCO insurance for rental equipment
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    Leica BLK3D Reality Capture Imager Rental Bundle


    What's included:

    • BLK3D Imager
    • Hard case
    • External LED light (for dark areas)
    • Extra battery with charger
    • Mobile Sketch and Document software 
    • TAVCO insurance for rental equipment
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    Find out more about the reality capture solutions from TAVCO. 


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