3D Cameras &
LiDAR Scanners

Capture real-world data and create realistic digital twins of actual physical space with a LiDAR scanner.


Matterport Pro2

Create virtual 3D models and floorplan layouts of physical spaces with the Matterport Pro2.

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Matterport Pro3

Level up to LiDAR scanning for more precision and full-sun scanning with the Matterport Pro3

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Pro3 Acceleration Kit

Bundle and save with the Matterport Pro3 Acceleration Kit. It's everything you need to start scanning. 

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LiDAR Scanning for AEC

Architecture, engineering, construction, facilities management, and real estate companies benefit from scanned data from digital twins to get immersive visual access to critical building intelligence. 

This data is a complete and accurate "as-built" record that is valuable to all project partners throughout the lifecycle of the construction project.

This 3D data enables faster and easier collaboration, increased productivity, added efficiencies, and overall project cost reduction.

  • Capture and create "digital twins"

  • See the job site as it exists

  • Get immersive visual access

  • Gain critical building intelligence

  • Share data with other stakeholders

Architectural, Engineering, and Construction

Building renovations can now quickly and easily capture complete and accurate ask-built documentation.

In addition, because of digital twin architecture, this information is directly obtained at a fraction of the cost and time compared to more traditional methods.

Trust is also increased among project partners by updating all stakeholders using weekly scans to document construction progress.

As a result, site conditions are easily verified. The post-COVID hybrid-remote world lets partners remotely monitor job site health, safety, welfare, and regulatory compliance.

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Facilities Management

Manufacturing and chemical plants are living facilities that require constant updates and upgrades to remain relevant and competitive. Laser scanning and 3D capture let facilities manager capture existing conditions before beginning any design phases.

Digital twins of commercial and industrial facilities replace time-consuming manual measurements. In addition, 3D point clouds can be imported directly into BIM software. 

Capture dimensional data to document structural components, above-ground utilities, and onsite equipment.
Reality capture eliminates the need for hand-drawn sketches and reduces the time needed to deliver floor plans.

Policeman during investigation at road accident area

Public Sector

Public safety officials need an accurate capture of a crime or accident scene, so no critical piece of evidence is left to clear an incident to restore normal operations quickly; these professionals need precision, speed, and safety.

Using 3D cameras gives public sector professionals the ability to create digital representations that are photorealistic, dimensionally accurate, and feature-rich. 

3D digital twin technology also bolsters school safety by sharing 3D models with first responders.

Commercial Real Estate

Realtors can decrease physical site visits and reduce workflow friction through 3D models.

This virtual interface results in more significant cost savings and efficiencies throughout the building’s lifecycle.

Regarding operations, stakeholders can gain deeper insights into every space, from use to repair.

Risks are mitigated with more accurate risk assessments. Building inspections and maintenance are also significantly streamlined using virtual data.




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