TAVCO Affiliate Program

Promote AEC Tech. Drive Sales. Earn Income

Earn money by driving online traffic to the TAVCO online store.


Do you command a following invested in architecture, engineering, or construction? If yes, it's time to align with a trusted leader in AEC technology solutions. Boost your earnings by funneling traffic from your website, blog, or other platform to TAVCO's online store. 


When someone from your network navigates to TAVCO's online store [tavcotech.com] and makes a qualifying purchase, you score a referral commission. 

How the Affiliate Program Works

Share Information

Place TAVCO content on your website, blog, or social feeds. 

Get Clicks

Website visitors click on shared TAVCO content. 

Visitors Shop

Visitors shop for AEC tech or supplies and make a purchase.

Get Paid!

Earn a commission from all qualifying purchases. 

Why Partner with TAVCO?

Welcome to the TAVCO Affiliate Program, your gateway to monetize your AEC expertise. This opportunity is perfect for industry pros, content creators, and freelancers; our program offers a simple, low-risk way to earn extra income while contributing to the AEC community. 

Why TAVCO? We bring nearly 40 years of industry experience, quality products, and steadfast after-sales support. Feel free to contact us to ask questions and learn more about how you can benefit from this incredible opportunity.

Join our affiliate program and start earning today!

TAVCO Affiliate Program FAQs

Do you have other questions that are not listed here? Please get in touch with a TAVCO specialist. We are happy to help. 

How does affiliate marketing work?
After receiving approval as a TAVCO affiliate, you'll integrate TAVCO-related material into your website, blog, newsletter, or emails. This content will direct your audience to TAVCO's online store. You'll earn commissions when people from your network visit the TAVCO store via these links and complete a purchase.
Why should I join?
TAVCO is a trusted leader in the AEC industry, providing a diverse range of high-quality products that resonate with individual professionals and businesses. Joining our affiliate program is straightforward and accessible, adding value for your audience while promoting return engagement. We simplify content updates for you by regularly communicating new promotions and offers.
How do I join?
Follow the link to initiate the sign-up procedure. Go through the program terms and fill out the TAVCO affiliate application form. We will look at your submission, and you will be notified once it is approved.
How are orders tracked and credited to me?
Purchases are monitored and attributed to your platform using advanced tracking methods. A distinct identification code for your site will help us capture all activities, compute your earnings, and provide a comprehensive performance analysis.
Do you have online analytics?
Real-time analytics are an integral feature of our program. You can monitor your earnings and visitor stats whenever you like. Our analytics platform also provides critical performance metrics, empowering you to fine-tune your site for peak commission-earning potential.