CAD Printers for the AEC Industry

Elevate your designs and streamline workflows with the best CAD printers and large-format MFPs from Canon and HP.

Popular CAD Printers from Canon and HP

Effortlessly create architectural drawings, technical documents, and schematics.

Produce images with vibrant clarity, ensuring that even the most minor details are easily noticed.

Designjet XL 3600 center facing - NAV

HP DesignJet XL 3600

36-inch wide printer
First page out in just 29 seconds
Available as a printer or MFP system
Innovative top stacker holds up to 100 prints


Canon TZ-30000 Printer/MFP

36-inch wide printer
Fast and Reliable New Design
Automatic paper detection comes standard
Innovative top stacker holds up to 100 prints


HP DesignJet CAD Printers

Produce technical drawings with ease
Print excellent images and line quality
Sizes available for 24, 36, and 42-inch printing


Canon iPF CAD Printers

Print architectural plans with ease
Make posters, banners, and other content
Sizes available for 24, 36, and 44-inch printing

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Tips for Shopping for CAD Printers

Computer-aided design (CAD) printers are widely used in various industries, such as architecture, engineering, and manufacturing. When choosing the best plotter for your CAD drawings, it is important to consider several aspects. The printer should be wide enough to accommodate your required drawings sizes.  

Also, when you look to buy a plotter, please make sure that the plotter can print at the right resolution and color profiles to meet your needs. Even with technical printing, color accuracy can be significant enough to justify considering a graphics printer for your application. 

The CAD printer’s compatibility with your OS and design applications are also factors. If you are often working with PDF files, getting a Postscript printer could be advantageous. Other features include the plotter's speed, connectivity options, and overall durability.

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TAVCO has been in the printer business since 1984. So, whether it is a scanner or a large-format printer that you need, we have a one-stop consumer experience to offer to you.

Not only do we supply plotter and printer solutions of all types and capacities, but we also offer tech/repair support and supplies for your products. Our clients include photographers, architects, construction professionals, engineers, ad firms, and others.

From simple posters to complex GIS (geographic information system) prints, we have a wide format printer for every need; we also offer some of the best plotters for CAD drawings and architectural renderings.

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