Enhance School Safety with Matterport 3D Technology

Get detailed digital twins of your school facilities to improve emergency planning, manage facilities, and offer virtual online campus tours for prospective students and faculty.


Capture Spaces

Scan school facilities and create 3D interactive and dimensionally accurate digital twins using any Matterport capture device.

Analyze and Plan

Document and annotate within your 3D model, including the ability to label or flag areas and digitally measure with accuracy.

Collaborate Better

Share your 3D models and data with security personnel and first responders for prevention and planning to enhance school safety.

Matterport scanners offer a variety of benefits to make your school safer, more efficient, and cost-effective.

Matterport 3D Technology

School Digital Twin - Dollhouse View - Matterport


  • Securely share 3D models and data

  • Measure and annotate within your 3D model

  • Label and flag areas of interest

  • Get vital data for renovation approvals

  • Offer virtual tours to students and families


Matterport cameras are competitively priced, and you can utilize existing iOS and Android devices for capture. Additionally, the digital twin technology offers asset documentation to manage inventory and streamline audits.

Monticello High School - Main Entrance - SCALED
Matterport Pro2 in Use

Convenient & Simple

Matterport 3D cameras are portable, lightweight, and intuitive, requiring minimal training to create 3D immersive experiences for school tours, back-to-school nights, open houses, and student/faculty recruitment.

Enhance Safety & Security

With 3D access for fire and first responders, you can communicate critical information for prevention and planning. For example, quickly identify alarm locations and points of entry as well as visualize and plan evacuation routes and shelter locations.

High School Spanish Classroom - Matterport Scan - SCALED

Document Spaces Quickly

Capture school facilities faster, with greater detail and accuracy, and enjoy immediate image previews and 3D models rendered in minutes.

Level Up To Matterport's 3D Technology

Matterport utilizes 3D technology to assist schools and other facilities by promoting safety through better planning and collaboration through 3D digital models. 

The scanning technology is both inexpensive and simple to use.

The Matterport App takes care of all scanning registrations and alignments, and the cloud-based Matterport platform automatically processes all uploaded files. Try it yourself and see how easy it is to create a digital twin with Matterport. 

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