Photo & Graphics Printers

Bring your designs to life with fabulous-looking professional photo prints, posters, and banners with a Canon or HP graphics printer.

Popular Graphics Printers from Canon and HP

Effortlessly create large-format photos, posters, banners, and maps.

Produce images with vibrant clarity, ensuring that even the most minor details are easily noticed.


HP DesignJet z9+ PS

Available in 24-inch or 44-inch models
Get photo quality prints 2.5x faster
Wide gamut with RGB HP Vivid Photo Inks
Product professional photo prints, fast


HP DesignJet Z6 PS

Available in 24-inch or 44-inch models
Made for design professionals
Get smooth gradients with HP Pixel Control
Highly secure with an encrypted HDD


Canon PRO Series

Available in 24, 44 or 60-inch models
11-colors plus Chroma Optimizer
Single print head and zero black ink switching
Built-in color calibration & auto-paper loading


Canon PRO S-Series

Available in 44-inch or 60-inch models
8-colors for a wide color gamut
Great for in-house poster production
Connect via Ethernet, USB, or WiFi

Questions about Graphics printers?

About Large-Format Graphics Printers

Graphics printers, also known as wide format printers, are specialized printing devices designed for creating high-quality, large-scale prints. Industries such as advertising, architecture, engineering, and graphic design, use these printers where the ability to produce large, detailed images is crucial.

Large-format inkjet graphics printers spray tiny droplets of ink onto a substrate, resulting in high-resolution prints with vibrant color. In addition to their ability to create high-quality, large-scale images, graphics prints offer various other benefits. They can produce prints quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for businesses requiring a high output volume. They are also highly versatile and can print on various materials, including paper, vinyl, and fabric.

Overall, graphics printers are a valuable tool for any business or individual needing high-quality, large-scale printing. A graphics printer can help you produce professional-grade prints that are sure to impress. Therefore graphics printers can benefit an architect creating technical drawings or a designer creating marketing materials.


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TAVCO has been in the printer business since 1984. So, whether it is a scanner or a large-format printer that you need, we have a one-stop consumer experience to offer to you.

Not only do we supply plotter and printer solutions of all types and capacities, but we also offer tech/repair support and supplies for your products. Our clients include photographers, architects, construction professionals, engineers, ad firms, and others.

Suppose you need a large graphics printer for school posters, store advertisements, GIS maps, or professional photography. In that case, we have wide-format graphics plotters to meet your needs.

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