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Matterport Camera Pro2 Series

Utilize digital twin technology in architecture, engineering, construction, or real estate


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High-precision 3D scanning and imaging

Quickly capture 360° pictures for 3D tours or visual walkthroughs

Easiest way to capture 3D image or scan to BIM


Matterport Pro2 in Use


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The Pro2 is a infrared powered scanner that take 360° images with superb quality.

No manual stitching of scans is needed, the digital twin technology does it for you

Quickly capture your spaces and share with others


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Create virtual 3D models

Scan and capture your spaced and convert them into virtual 3d models for digital tours, analysis, and even VR presentations. 


Connect to other services

Using the Matterport API you can connect with Google Street View, and other services such as real estate, or modeling websites. 

Work with digital floorplans

Quickly generate floorplans from existing spaces. Use the Matterport App and cloud service to take measurements and tag details. 


Increase your scanning power

The Pro2 can work in tandem with an optional Leica BLK360 G1 laser scanner to increase your range, point density, and accuracy. 






Physical Specs

Dimensions (H x W x D): 9.0" x 10.25" height x 4.33"

Weight (with rechargeable battery):7.6 lb / Shipped 12 lbs 

Temperature Range:

Storage: 32º to 104º F (0 to 40° C)

Operation: 50º to 90º F (10 to 32° C)



Wireless Connections: WiFi to transfer data from camera to iPad through the Capture app. WiFi 802.11 n/ac 5 GHz.

Mounting connection: Female 3/8"-16 Arca-Swiss-type QR plate, permanently installed. The quick release adapter plate is permanently installed to the bottom of the camera and cannot be removed.

GPS: Included

Lens 4K Full Glass


System Performance

Max 2D Snapshot Download Resolution: 8092 x 4552 pixels @ 70% zoom level (36 MP)

Max 360 Snapshot Download Resolution: 8 MP (4096 x 2048), equirectangular

Average Load Time for 3D Showcase: 3.5 seconds over WiFi (desktop), 4.5 seconds over LTE (mobile). Similar to Matterport Pro 3D Camera.

White Balancing: Automatic full-model

3D Data Registration: Automatic

Power Management

Input voltage: 15V DC - Only use charger included with camera

Battery capacity: About 8 hours (continuous use) via 2 packs at 77Wh each, permanently installed. 8 cells per battery, 9.6 Wh per cell. 

Charge time: 4.5 hours


Capture Performance

Camera Warmup Time: About 60 seconds

Capture Resolution: 4K square per skybox face

Capture Time per Scan: 20 seconds

Transfer times from Camera to iPad: 11 seconds

Aligning/Processing Time on iPad: About 10 seconds. Maximum of 25 seconds before triggering and alignment error

Number of exposures per HDR frame: 5 exposures at high dynamic range (better image quality than prior Matterport Pro 3D Camera)

Depth Resolution: 10 points per degree (3600 points at equator, 1800 points at meridian, about 4 million points per panographic image)

Output Pano Pixels: 134 MP, equirectuangular. For internal processing only.




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