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Impress Clients, Communicate Clearly, and Maximize Collaboration

Juggling remodels, complex projects, and ever-evolving client demands?
Experiencing a push for more sustainability and technological advancements?
Are tighter deadlines and aggressive pricing making differentiation essential?

How many times have these led to unexpected delays?


Design flaws or miscommunications become apparent only in the final stages due to the need for real-time, accurate site data?

Have you ever wondered if there's a better way for remote collaboration that captures the nuanced details of your projects? 

How often have you wanted a better way to collect accurate as-built data quickly?


Working Smarter Today

The Challenge: Repeated, unnecessary trips to job sites can lead to efficiency disruptions, inflated costs, and resource strains. Late-stage issues often arise due to the need for real-time data.

Introducing Matterport Digital Twins

What is a Digital Twin? It's a 3D virtual representation of a physical space.

Creating a digital twin is a breeze with a compatible camera like the Matterport Pro3, Pro2, a suitable 360 camera, and the Matterport app.

[Explore Matterport subscription plans here]

Discover Matterport for Virtual Jobsite Visits in the Video.

Start 3D Scanning Quickly

Transform your project's workflow with unparalleled ease using our Matterport bundle. With a user-friendly setup, you're just a few steps away from revolutionizing how you visualize and collaborate on your projects.


Start Capturing in Just Hours, Not Days

  • Quick Setup: Download the Matterport app, sign in, and connect your camera. You're ready to go in no time.
  • Effortless Scanning: Launch your project and begin scanning. It's that straightforward. You don't need any extensive training or technical know-how.
  • Instant Feedback: After each scan, you will receive immediate on-screen feedback, ensuring comprehensive coverage and highlighting areas requiring attention.
  • Shadow-Free Accuracy: Easily identify and rectify shadow areas to guarantee the quality and accuracy of your scans.


Empower Your Vision

Embrace the future of project management with Matterport's cutting-edge technology. Elevate your presentations, streamline stakeholder collaboration, and exceed client expectations, all while staying within budget and schedule.


Using digital twins in your workflow grants you incredible insights into spatial data related to designas-build conditions, and building operations.  

These 3D models not only let you virtually walk through space, but they also allow you to extract data about building intelligence.


Supercharge Your Workflow

With Matterport, label rooms, link essential documents using Mattertags, and foster collaboration on the digital model.

Pictured: Mattertags are interactive annotations or tags that can be added to Matterport 3D scans. These can include text, file attachments, videos, and more. 

See Matterport in Action

See the cameras and discover the power of the cloud-based platform. 

Boost Your Toolkit with Matterport Addons

Whether schematic floor plans or high-density point clouds, Matterport delivers tools that elevate your projects. Need a BIM model? Save time and order directly through Matterport.

Matterport Addons for Spaces


What Industry Leaders Are Saying

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Reliability is essential in design and construction. We feel very comfortable with the Matterport Pro2 camera because we have seen from start to finish that the digital twins deliver excellent accuracy that makes virtual design decision-making possible.

Joel Vande Boom - Director of Strategic Projects - Gilbane
Joel Vande Boom

Director of Strategic Projects

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There can be a lot of sticker shock with modeling costs that get passed on to the client. The 70% cost savings with Matterport BIM Files is significant, so as more of our clients hear about this, they will be pleased.

Akira Jones
Akira Jones

Director of Digital Services
HH Angus

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Our clients who can't travel can fully use Matterport to experience a space. We scanned 50,000 square feet of office space for one of our clients in Dallas and presented it to them virtually. They were blown away by what they could see onscreen.

Nick Cameron - Director of Digital Practice - Perkins&Will
Nick Cameron

Director of Digital Practice

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  • Backpack and door stops

  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty from Matterport

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