Adrian Hutchens

Adrian Hutchens
Adrian is a factory certified service technician for Océ and Canon wide-format systems. She is also a huge fan of 3D printing and the vast world of opportunities it offers. When not saving the day, Adrian likes to spend her time gaming, attending Comic-Cons, and restoring vintage pinball machines.

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3D Print Miniatures – How I Made Plunderous Pete Game Pieces

Posted by Adrian Hutchens on Wed, Apr 20, 2016 @ 04:26 PM

Since 1987 a company called Games Workshop has released resin miniatures for a gaming genre known as war gaming.  Each box you buy contains parts to assemble vehicles, creatures, and soldiers. The assembly required painting, sanding, and gluing a 28 millimeter (1.1 in) scale object. Creating enough of these objects for a really great gaming session can take weeks, even months. But now, there is an easier way to quickly get miniatures, 3D Print them.

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