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Meet Jennifer, an experienced oil and gas manager who takes pride in making informed decisions to optimize his team's performance. Jennifer oversees her company's GIS operations and requires high-quality, precise printed maps that showcase oil lease locations overlaid on satellite images. Her keen eye for detail and commitment to accuracy is crucial in this competitive industry.


When faced with the decision to choose between a Postscript or non-Postscript plotter/printer, Jennifer knows that while non-Postscript printers are generally more affordable, investing in a Postscript printer offers numerous benefits that could make a significant difference in the quality and precision of the printed maps, ensuring that the colors accurately represent the information.


Jennifer understands that in her industry, where accuracy and reliability are paramount, making the right choice in printing technology is essential for success.


Understanding Postscript Plotters


Postscript plotters are renowned for delivering high-quality output. As a result, they are ideal for printing intricate technical drawings, blueprints, and graphics-heavy documents.


In addition, with Postscript as a universal printing language, these plotters ensure consistent and accurate results across various applications and programs.


Postscript plotters accurately and precisely render text and graphics on the page. As a page description language, Postscript is particularly suited for documents that integrate text, images, and color area fills.


Comparing HP Postscript and Non-Postscript Output




Documents and images printed with Postscript plotters boast sharp, clean lines and smooth color gradations. This feature makes them ideal for graphic design and publishing professionals who regularly print high-quality documents.


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Advanced Image Technology


Postscript plotters offer smooth shading features and render gradient fills at the printing system's resolution, speeding up print time while enhancing output quality. Smooth shading also significantly minimizes banding in desktop and large-format printers.


Expanded Font Set


Postscript plotters provide an extended Font Set, increasing the standard fonts available. For example, Adobe PostScript 3 devices utilize 136 fonts built into the interpreter.


HP Postscript Large-Format Printers


Within HP's broad range of plotters, models marked with "PS" indicate they are pre-loaded with the Adobe PDF print engine (Postscript) and can natively process the PDF language.


Popular HP Postscript Plotters


DesignJet XL3600 PS: A mid-level PS printer designed for light production printing. It supports directly printing PDF files, a crucial feature for AEC firms that frequently share architectural drawings and construction plans as PDFs.


Designjet XL 3600 right facing-1Pictured: HP DesignJet XL-3600dr MFP


DesignJet Z6 PS Printer: Ideal for professional photographers, graphic artists, designers, and print providers seeking to create high-impact indoor prints. Postscript enables these users to produce top-quality images while the PDF engine processes complex files faster.


Z6_24in_Standard_Front_output_035524204064983733259Pictured: HP DesignJet Z6 24-inch Postscript Printer


Final Thoughts on Postscript Plotters


Overall, while non-Postscript printers might be more affordable, the advantages provided by Postscript printers make them a valuable investment for professionals like Jennifer.


When exploring technical plotter or large-format graphics printer options, it's essential to consider Postscript models carefully.


With their exceptional printing quality, versatility, and ease of maintenance, Postscript printers are a smart choice for individuals like Jennifer, who require high-quality document printing regularly.


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April 11, 2023
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