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A digital twin is a virtual reproduction of a physical space using 3D scanning technology. This process allows users to capture and create digital models that benefit architecture, engineering, and entertainment. This article explores our experience of 3D scanning a 9 Round Kickboxing Fitness Gym in Cedar Park, TX using the Matterport Pro2 camera.


Equipment: Matterport Pro2 Scanner

Matterport Pro2 is a 360-degree camera that allows users to capture and create 3D models of physical spaces. It uses both optical cameras and infrared sensors to capture data.

To start using the Matterport Camera Pro2, connect it to a mobile device, launch the Matterport App, create a project, and start scanning. It is essential to scan every 8-10 feet to capture the entire space to ensure that the scans overlap. Note that sometimes scans location are also called ‘setups.’ After completing all the setups, make the final touches in the mobile app, including marking any mirrors, windows, and areas to trim.


Upload and Process with Cortex AI

Then upload the project to a Matterport account. Once completed, the Matterport Cortex AI-powered software starts processing the file. The Matterport Cortex artificial intelligence uses deep learning techniques to generate detailed 3D spatial data from various capture devices such as Lidar cameras, 360 cameras, smartphones, and the Matterport Pro2.

Once you process digital twins, you can explore the 3D model of the gym. The navigation experience is like that of Google Maps, allowing users to pan around and jump to different locations within the model. This ability presents a “wow factor” to prospective members who can check out the facility from their computer or mobile device.


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Measurements and More

Besides looking around the digital model, you can also take measurements with the 3D model. This workflow helps people know the dimensions of the gym to plan future renovations and upgrades. In addition, this serves as an interactive record for any future upgrades. The owners can easily share this with contractors to identify and address issues during the planning stages or construction process.


Matterport Optional Addons

The Matterport platform offers a variety of add-ons that are available for an additional fee. These include Schematic Floor Plans, BIM files, and e57 High-Density Point Clouds. For larger projects, this can be a great way for design firms to dive deeper into the data without making extra visits to the site or burning employee hours drawing the BIM model.



Overall, the Matterport Pro2 scanner was easy to use and produced high-quality results. In addition, the new 9 Round Fitness owners captured the space in a digital twin and can explore their gym in a virtual environment. This process helps them better understand the dimensions of space and plan for future changes.

They can also share the 3D model with others, allowing them to showcase their gym to a broader audience. 3D scanning is a powerful and versatile technique used for various purposes. The Matterport Pro2 and the more powerful Pro3 LiDAR scanner are valuable tools for anyone looking to capture and explore physical spaces in a digital format.

About 9 Round Kickboxing Fitness

9 Round is a gym that offers high-intensity, 30-minute kickboxing workouts to help its members get stronger and more fit. TAVCO scanned the space with a Matterport Pro2 Camera to showcase their gym to potential customers. Learn more about the new franchise location in Cedar Park, TX, here: https://www.9round.com/locations/TX/cedar-park


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Kevin Vaughan
Post by Kevin Vaughan
January 6, 2023
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