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Océ PlotWave 500 Wide-Format System - Perfect for AEC

Oce PlotWave 500 wide format system

As the Texas construction market flourishes, many companies are feeling “growing pains” as
they struggle to keep up with demand. Although most companies initially feel these impacts regarding man-power, equipment infrastructure can run a close second. Besides trucks and other heavy equipment needed by construction companies, having updated office equipment can increase the efficiency of their employees. In a construction office, as well as with architects and engineers, a productive wide-format plotter can make a huge difference. Getting bid sets out quickly and accurately can help them reach the next level of success. They just need the right equipment for the job. Luckily, that perfect machine is now available.

Canon Solutions America, the company that produces Océ wide-format equipment, just released the new PlotWave 500 wide-format printing system. This new unit is built on the successes of both the Océ PlotWave 750 and the PlotWave 360. The resulting design is a single-footprint machine that boasts four media rolls, an integrated color scanner, and a phenomenal print speed of ten D-size sheets per minute.

Top Reasons Why You Should Get a New Plotter

Get a new plotter tavco services

Although the old plotter in your office has served you well for years, that old technology might be holding you back? Companies are usually good about keeping their IT assets up to date. But, this effort is usually focused on the server, workstation and software assets. Unfortunately, they often tend to overlook upgrading their wide format equipment. Is this your situation? Face it; it may be time to get a new plotter. Not sure? Here are some things to keep in mind.

New Wide Format Printer Dealer Resources Link

tavco resources snapshot

Since 2010, TAVCO has shared a wealth of knowledge with you regarding wide-format and 3D technologies via downloadable articles and blog posts . Now that we have amassed a small collection of material, we found it fitting to have all of those elements available in one spot. So, we are proud to announce the addition of our wide format printer dealer resource link on our web page,

What is the Best Plotter for GIS? One with these qualities.

Best plotter for GIS - data image

When searching the best plotter for GIS map printing, it’s important to look at all of the factors surrounding your print needs. Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, is a computer system that allows you visualize all kinds of large, quantitative data. That is why GIS data is typically displayed on maps. But, because GIS information usually revolves around big data, printing those files can be much more demanding than a typical CAD file; there is a lot more information to process. In fact, some GIS files can easily exceed the 100MB file size. So, in order to find the best plotter for GIS printing, you really need to know all the aspects of the source file and the expectations of the final product.  

Well Log Software Eases the Pain of Printing Logs from Windows

well log software solution - SDI Office VTOF

Well log (or mud log) files can be tricky for many wide-format plotters to deal with. Unknown to most users, length limitations are often characteristic with the most basic setups. At times the limitations have nothing to do with the printer itself; sometimes it is simply a constraint of printing from Microsoft Windows. That is because Windows has a built-in limitation of 109 inches at 300 dpi. This can be a problem…a big problem since many log files are much longer than 109 inches. In that case, it takes dedicated well log software to remove the limitations and consistently get the results that you want.

How many square feet can a PlotWave 340 handle?

PlotWave 340 printer from CSA

When it comes to picking a wide-format plotter or multi-function system for your company, it
is extremely important for you to fully analyze your needs and find the right machine for the job. For instance, you should have a good idea of the expected monthly print volume. This is usually measured in square feet per month. If your volume is substantial enough, an Océ PlotWave 340 or PlotWave 360 might be good fit. Just make sure that your print volume is within the suggested range of the unit.

It is important to point out that although the Océ PlotWave 340 and PlotWave 360 are different models, they are essentially the same machine. The only difference between the two is the print speed. The PlotWave 340 prints 3 D-size (24x36 inches) sheets per minute while the PlotWave 360 prints 6 D-size sheets per minute. Other than that, they are identical, so they are capable of handling the same duty cycle.

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Plotters for sale – 180 Days Same as Cash

Plotters for sale - 90 days or 180 days same as cash

So, your new engineering, architecture or construction business is growing and you need a new wide-format plotter and scanner, but cash is tight until you get paid on that big job. Not a problem! Canon Financial Services has just announced a new program that will enable you to get a new plotter or MFP system now and pay later.

The Problem with Printing on Oce Tyvek Paper Solved

Oce Tyvek Paper for Construction and Engineering

Just look around new construction sites and you will spot plenty of Tyvek material. It is the plastic “wrap” that builders use to provide a moisture barrier on newly constructed homes and buildings. But, Tyvek has other uses besides wrapping new construction projects. It is also used for shipping envelopes (Think FedEx), luggage tags and even as an extremely durable print media. Canon Solutions America provides a version branded as Océ Tyvek Banner, but some users have complained about problems with printing on the Océ Tyvek Paper. Once this issue is investigated, however, it usually turns out to be user error.

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Improving Civil Engineering Communications with an Oce ColorWave 650

GIS model - Oce ColorWave 650

Any civil engineer can tell you that software and design technologies continue to evolve at a rapid rate. Ever since the inception of BIM (Building Information Management), more information related to a project is readily available and can be shared in a much more collaborative way. Although many engineers work in full-color inside of BIM, a large percentage of them still utilize traditional monochrome prints when generating paper documents. Why is that? Wouldn’t it make more sense to print full-size color sets to keep the integrity of the information as it was created?

Finally, a Poster Printer that Hits the Sweet Spot

map from Poster Printer

Visual communication is vital to many types of businesses. Retail, Education, and Petroleum (Oil & Gas) are three wildly different industries that rely on the similar ability to communicate through posters, charts, and maps. Technology has made it so that producing even complex posters is as simple as clicking “print.” But, ultimately, hardware is what yields the final results and having the right hardware remains the biggest challenge, until now.

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